Mark Gould

Mark Gould



Mark Gould received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Iowa and then embarked on his own “personally challenging peregrination of creativity”.   During moves to Colorado and then New Mexico he continued his studies in advanced/graduate classes at three state universities, one private university, and two private art institutes as well as a number of artist-retreats.   


A personal artistic vision evolved during these years of rough-shod art-making, as the psychologically liberating aspects of his studio work became his greater priority.  


He states: “I no longer need the requirements of realistic portrayal in my artwork.   Realism can be a good - but harsh - master.   I’m grateful for all my previous exposure to a variety of traditions as they provide critical art-making skills that I still use to experiment and advance.   But now I like to imagine I’m constructing my personal “fortress of creativity” - if you will.   Not an actual edifice, but a mindset where I explore my own ideas and use a liberating aesthetic approach that works specifically for me.  I’ll never complete this construction, but I’ll have a blast trying - and I’ll make good art in the attempt.” 



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