David Kammerzell

David Kammerzell

           David Kammerzell paints vintage cowboys, landscapes, and figures; made larger than life with warm, vintage color palettes, dramatized scenery, and patterned backgrounds. These cowboys and girls represent the ideal of Old Hollywood, the Wild West, and the golden era of advertising. Kammerzell’s work creates a bittersweet narrative of nostalgia in which the boundaries of memory and longing are blurred. The glamour of idealized pop culture and the silver screen are brought to life in his paintings and prints, his cowboys and girls.

          In the early 90s, Kammerzell made graphic animations for television, working for CBS Channel 4 in Denver and then moving to the Starz network. The artist received regional Emmys and other industry awards for his work as Director of On-Air Design before he left to paint full-time. David Kammerzell now lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

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