ONE OF US - Santa Fe, June 2021


One of us is a jack rabbit, one a coyote. One of us is a mule deer bounding up the mountain, and another a red-tailed hawk soaring skyward. Fox, bear, raven, lizard, snake, bobcat, badger...and bee! ’Tis a long list of fascinating and varied life forms and personalities of the wild kingdom of creatures with which we are blessed to share this planet. And one of a human animal. We may forget from time to time that we are animals too, and convince ourselves to believe we are superior to the other beings who call the Earth their home. In my view, we most assuredly are not. There is no "us and them." Only us. We are all part of the web of life. We are inextricably woven into the makeup of this world. None are greater...none lesser. Just different. Beautifully, colorfully, enigmatically...different. And our world is richer for that difference. It is to be celebrated, honored, and cherished. 

And protected.

I’m one of us.

Are you?