Featured Artist May 2021

Wendeline MAtson & MaRy Alayne Thomas

As a still life painter Matson abstracts elements in each painting allowing other qualities to take on a stronger role. She combines these abstracted forms with realistic and expressionistic views of objects, shapes and color. Part of her inspiration is pushing the boundaries of what can be done          from a two-dimensional perspective. 

      Thomas’s curiosity about diverse mediums has taken her into the luminosity and versatility of watercolor and she incorporates encaustic, gold leaf, India Ink, pencil and silkscreen. The artwork begins as a watercolor which is then coated with encaustic (beeswax combined with resin). The media are layered between the wax washes. The result is an unusual depth, a three-dimensional artwork with an emphasis on Mary’s unique stylized patterns and shapes and textures.