Raised on an island in Casco Bay Maine, I moved to the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico four years ago. After graduating from the Institute of American Indian Arts with a BFA in Ceramic Sculpture my career has moved from that of a graphic designer to a creator of mythical art. I could be considered a "Late Bloomer" but it seems to me that I have just been continuously unfolding, expanding and discovering who I truly am all along the way.

With a background in antique furniture restoration, my aesthetic has always been in the character of old finishes; appreciating their preservation. It is the beauty of the imperfect and the impressions of age that intrigue me. It is as if time has laid its hand upon a piece. I interpret this as a benediction from the past.

The term sanctification was once conveyed to me as the "digging up" and making pure again. My art is an internal excavation; a connection with a distant past: the world of our ancestors. This is a world in which we all share a common history.

I have intentionally maintained an ambiguity within most of my artwork, leaving its interpretation to you the viewer. By what you see, you make it your own.

Other sculptures, such as my Atlantean Series, have a more specific translation and also speak to our mutual pre-history.

As author Zen Su stated in the amazing work "Orgone Dream Codex" "the world of our ancestors surround us in all its clarity and pristine beauty, but few see its presence.... the Presence, the mythological, the alchemical, the mysterious, has never left us."

In my collection: Shards of Our Ancestors, it is my desire to share with you my interpretation of our shared lineage.