In her twenties Copper gave up her dream of being an artist to marry, start a sales company and raise a family. It wasn’t until she was in her forties and chanced to meet a local sculptor that she felt the tug again. She began apprenticing with him and within a year had sold her business and home to work as an artist full time. She spent the next ten years helping him develop his career and learning all about sculpture in the process. During this time she started to work on her own pieces, to find her own voice, and three years ago she began producing her own work full time. Having had horses most of her life she was attracted to their shape and spirit. A visit to Mexico proved to further inspire her when she was introduced to the burro, and her work immediately took a new shape. Bats as well have been a constant inspiration; in both these animals she sees an unappreciated innate beauty. They give so much to the earth and it’s people and yet are rarely appreciated. When Copper is not In the United States she is working at a foundry in Thailand, and looks forward to her next visit when she will begin to work on large scale pieces.
Giacobbe-Fritz is proud to be the exclusive representative of Copper’s work.